The TFG GLOBAL  Sugar Platform is responsible for delivering raw and white sugar and organics to the European markets.

We originate raw and white sugars mainly from South  America  and India and distribute principally to the countries within the E.U.


We can organise annual FOB purchases, DDP , dutyfree CXL quota,   up to 'Just-in-time' deliveries and purchases from our warehouses in Antwerp and Rotterdam.


We have built the reputation as being one of the most reliable sources of market intelligence and traders thanks to our strong relationships. Our insights have helped us to deepen our strengths we have acquired in key consumption markets and increase our volumes significantly especially in Organic Market.  


Natural Sweeteners such as Stevia, Rebaudioside A are also a main product line we have developped since 2008. TFG GLOBAL is  also constantly looking for new products  that can fit our customers standards.




TFG Global and its founding partners  have been actively involved in transport and trading of organic commodity  trading services since 2002. Our broad experience and knowledge of European, Asia, South American  and Indian commodities have given us a major advantage in  sourcing, providing quality control, logistics as well as pricing. Our customers can rely on us for commodity sourcing, purchase, logistics, storage,transport  and risk management

“Tfg Global has brought me a world of new possibilities and flexibility.” 



Although our clients range in size from midsize  to large corporations, our niche is also helping small  and medium sized clients discover the advantage of purchasing through our repacking and warehouse  service in Antwerp and Rotterdam

Our goal at TFG Global is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your purchase department and sourcing,  be it small or a large organization.

Our custom designed solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of your specific business,  in order to ensure a smooth delivery of your specific commodity line.



Mr  Le Clerq,  Purchase Manager Benelux


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